LifeCell All-In-One Skin-Tightening Treatment ONLY UK DISTRIBUTOR

LifeCell All-In-One Skin-Tightening Treatment ONLY UK DISTRIBUTOR
LifeCell All-In-One Skin-Tightening Treatment ONLY UK DISTRIBUTOR
LifeCell All-In-One Skin-Tightening Treatment ONLY UK DISTRIBUTOR

LifeCell All-In-One Skin-Tightening Treatment ONLY UK DISTRIBUTOR
Only authorised Distributor in the UK. "Youthful Skin at Any Age".

Produces a significant reduction in the appearance of both the depth and size of fine lines & wrinkles. It is quick, safe, easy, you don't have to sell your house to afford it and women just love its'softening effect' on the face. Intensely moisturizes and nourishes your skin. Like it has never been moisturized ever before! Is the best moisturiser in the world because it can penetrate through 20 skin cell layers.

Helps stimulate production of collagen, helping lines, wrinkles and unsightly crows feet look more smoothened out, lifted away. Wrinkles appear pushed up and out as though plumped from within.

25000 microlifters immediately form a network to help make your skin look tighter and firmer. On average, women over 40 have over 25000 micro-points on the face which.

Reduces the appearance of discolourations and imperfections. Increases the balance of moisture in the gentle skin around the eyes. Eyelids appear lifted, eyes look recontoured and wide-open.

Serious Dark Circles & Puffiness: Lifecell. Reduces the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles. Lips appear fuller; fine lines around the mouth appear smoothened and lip "bleed" is prevented. Your " provocative pout " remains soft, moist, seductive. With continued use your lips' natural colour looks restored. All of this, frankly, makes.

Arguably the best non-surgical, Botox-free, all natural treatment to quickly and furiously reverse the hand-of-time. Which means lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, age-spots, skin discolourations, under-eye puffiness & dark circles appear fainter and fainter, and if you use. Long enough, it I possible all these tell-tale signs will no longer even be visible. Is an all-in-one quick absorbing, bio-functional topical formula that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lines crow's feet, dark circles, age-spots, puffy eyes, frown lines, sagging skin and "feather" lips. Because it's loaded with antioxidants, water-binding agents, hydrators, elasticizers, skin-firming agents and anti-irritants.

Has the following actives: Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid: According to the Mayo Clinic Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid is an antioxidant that penetrates skin cell membranes, where it neutralizes free radicals and increases the effectiveness of other antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. It may also work as a superficial chemical peel to exfoliate dead skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

How do I apply Lifecell? And release its key ingredients, warm a small amount between your fingertips. As you apply onto clean, dry skin, you will instantly feel the soothing effect of. Smooth over face, fragile under-eye area, lips, neck and décolleté starting at the hairline, working down the neck, then décolleté then up behind the ears. Apply day and night for a lifetime.

Penetrates immediately, leaving your skin youthful, smooth and silky. How do I use Lifecell underneath my eyes? Using the ring finger - dot Lifecell along the edge of the orbital bone - the bone directly under the eye. Two dots should be sufficient to cover the area. Gently pat do not rub!

The cream into the skin - staying around the edge of the bone. Once absorbed into the skin, will spread. Is applied too close to the eyelid - the cream will reach the delicate areas of the lash line and increase the risk of swelling and irritation. How much Lifecell so I need to use?

Topically, you only need a small amount equal to the size of a dime to cover the facial area. The amount may vary depending on the areas you are covering and your individual needs. When will I begin to see results? You'll first see results in as little as 60 seconds.

Here's what we mean: Put a little. On your fingertips and gently rub it onto ONLY ONE SIDE of your face. Wait about 60 seconds and then look at yourself in the mirror. What you see will be utterly amazing! To understand exactly why this happens, read the paragraph that starts with, Bye-Bye Wrinkles Instantly?

Then, from that point onwards in as little as 28 days. Proprietary compounds will produce a visible reduction in the appearance of lines, wrinkles, age-spots, puffy eyes. Under-eye dark circles and "feather lips". For best results we recommend you use it twice a day. Can I use Lifecell with other skin care products?

Can be used with virtually all other facial products. We suggest you test any combination of skin care products on the inside of your forearm before applying it to your face. Remember, always apply Lifecell first, then if needed, you may apply a sun block on top of.

We have many happy repeat customers and it is not fair that people who are trying this product for the first time will be unwittingly purchasing counterfeit products. Below is a list of sellers of counterfeit products that have not been tested and we do not know what ingredients they contain. All the counterfeit listings claim they are'100% genuine','Authentic','THE BEST DISTRIBUTOR OF GENUINE LIFECELL PRODUCTS' etc. Current sellers that are circumventing the system and have been reported.

(This list is reviewed regularly). The genuine product is NOT cellophane wrapped!

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LifeCell All-In-One Skin-Tightening Treatment ONLY UK DISTRIBUTOR