LiveSoy (Pillar & Melt) Wax For Pillar Candles & Wax Melts Various Sizes

LiveSoy (Pillar & Melt) Wax For Pillar Candles & Wax Melts Various Sizes

LiveSoy (Pillar & Melt) Wax For Pillar Candles & Wax Melts Various Sizes
Jelly Wax (Paraffin Gel Wax). LiveSoy (Pillar & Melt) Wax - For Pillar Candles & Wax Melts - Various Sizes. LiveSoy Pillar - 100% Vegetable based wax for Pillars, Tarts & Melts. After significant time and investment, we are proud to announce this newly developed wax for Pillar Candles and Wax Melts.

LiveSoy Pillar is a 100% vegetable blend wax, specifically developed for use in Pillars and Wax Melts. This wax contains 100% vegetable based waxes. This wax is currently supplied in solid blocks and comes packed in 10kg blocks. For smaller quantities we break the wax down at our on-site processing centre into smaller, more manageable lumps / shards.

This wax works really well for wax melts and pillar candles and performs best with high fragrance loads of around 12%. This wax can also be used as an additive to Paraffin to improve overall look and scent throw of container candles.

In comparison to other pillar / melt waxes on the market, LiveSoy Pillar has little or no scent, allowing for scents to come through more effectively on both hot and cold throws, thus negating the need to'over-fragrance' the wax. The max fragrance load of this wax is around 12% when tested by the team here at LiveMoor.

52 °C and has a recommended pouring temperature of between 55-60 °C. Sometimes rippling can occur if poured too cold, so we would recommend trying to stick to a pouring temperature of around 55C, alternatively slowly heating with a heat gun can improve the surface appearance once set. It is recommended to leave the wax to cure if using fragrance oils for a minimum of 1 week, with best results yielded from a 2 week cure time.

In general, lower pouring temperatures seem to be better for this wax (around 60-65C). It's sometimes necessary to heat the wax to higher temperatures initially to incorporate colours, fragrances or other waxes, but please refrain from over-heating this wax as it can affect the overall performance if left at high temperatures for expended periods. Please resist pouring the wax immediately and let it cool slightly (with gentle stirring if needed) as this will yield the best results with less risk of frosting and surface defects. We operate from our own premises with full time warehouse staff to ensure your orders are delivered to you quickly and efficiently.

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LiveSoy (Pillar & Melt) Wax For Pillar Candles & Wax Melts Various Sizes