Monatomic Gold 20g plus Monatomic Rose Gold 20g plus Monatomic Platinum Gold 20g

Monatomic Gold 20g plus Monatomic Rose Gold 20g plus Monatomic Platinum Gold 20g

Monatomic Gold 20g plus Monatomic Rose Gold 20g plus Monatomic Platinum Gold 20g
WE GUARANTEE TO BE THE ORIGINAL and MOST POWERFUL MONATOMIC PLATINUM DETOX ON THE MARKET. #1 Monatomic White Powder Gold / MONATOMIC ROSE GOLD / MONATOMIC PLATINUM DETOX BLENDS available! White Powder of Gold, Monatomic Gold, Monatomic Rose Gold, Monatomic Platinum Detox.

White Powder Gold, and all of our Monatomics can be made from various sources. The source we use for our White Powder Gold/ Monatomic Rose Gold/ Monatomic Platinum Detox Blend is the most powerful. You will receive 20 Grams each of Monatomic Gold Monatomic Rose Gold and Monatomic Platinum Detox. Revolutionary Monatomics - Stage 1-2-3 in the Monatomic Progression - all powered by.

All of FourRealms Proprietary Orme is in turn used sublingually. We recommend our Monatomic Platinum Detox in the proper ratio as discussed in the included instructions, as has been known for thousands of years, for those interested in discovering the path to toxin free self. MONATOMIC GOLD and Monatomic Detoxifiers will HELP US reach heightened states of consciousness and awareness and openings to new ways of being will become apparent to that may not be seen by others. Others have said physical pains have vanished and that they have increased strength and stamina, and increased sex drive.

Others have also stated that they experienced increased strengthening of the immune system and improved mental focus and clarity. Some people may experience a feeling of pure energy flowing through the chakras.

Monatomic elements are superconductive and naturally hold a negative charge, bonding to toxins, cage them for safe and scientifically proven effective removal. When Monatomics are ingested into our bodies, they change our cellular structure into one that is also superconductive.

The cells become superconductors for an increased flow of photons. The electrical output can also increase your electromagnetic field. The increased energy you feel when ingesting monatomic elements, such as monatomic gold, is unmistakable. According to David Hudson, the ORMUS elements connect with the non-physical reality through what is called the zero point. One way to look at this idea is that there is endless potential for new energy. Some believe that consciousness influences matter. Many studies of these materials consist of looking for and understanding the linkages between consciousness, matter, and all that exists, the oneness seen by Bohm, Everett, Bohr and other such pioneers as the quantum domain. Increases alpha brain wave production through an electromagnetic modality that harmonizes the two hemispheres of the brain. "MONATOMIC GOLD and Monatomic Detoxifiers are well suited to individuals beginning to open to higher consciousness, self-healing and a path of spiritual transformation" - Dr. I have reviewed the research on MONATOMIC GOLD and Monatomic Detoxifiers , and the clinical studies clearly show a positive enhancement of brain function. Sir Laurence Gardner author of; The Shadow of Solomon, Magdalene Legacy, Blood Line of the Holy Grail, and Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark.

MONATOMIC GOLD and Monatomic Detoxifiers are trace mineral complex derived from a natural occurring mineral deposit that provides relatively high levels of monatomic minerals. The modality of these minerals in the body appear to be solely electromagnetic, rather than biochemical.

MONATOMIC GOLD and Monatomic Detoxifiers positively affects the bioelectric patterns that move through the brain. In two clinical studies, MONATOMIC GOLD was observed to balance and harmonize the two hemispheres of the brain. This action causes the brain to produce more alpha brain waves. Many neuroscientists associate the alpha brain wave with greater creativity, enhanced mind body coordination, improved learning ability and less stress. M MONATOMIC GOLD and Monatomic Detoxifiers have an electromagnetic pattern similar, if not identical to the same pattern that energy flows when it is transmuted into matter.

Physicists believe when energy forms matter, it begins by moving in a clockwise motion. As its speed increases, a vortex begins to form. Centrifugal force causes the energy to rise and the circumference of the spin becomes tighter and tighter. The energy in the vortex eventually reaches an apex where it cannot go any further and it implodes within itself.

From the implosion, another vortex is formed and it moves counterclockwise and as it descends it slows. Eventually it slows to a point where matter forms. At first single atomic (monatomic) states appear, eventually more complex atomic states. Biofeedback Shows MONATOMIC GOLD and Monatomic Detoxifiers Promote"Whole Brain" Process. In 90% of the volunteers brainwave frequencies tended to balance out and all frequency bands showed greater activation. MONATOMIC GOLD and Monatomic Detoxifiers balance the differences in the strength of these frequency ranges between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It is therefore a very accurate statement to say that MONATOMIC GOLD and Monatomic Detoxifiers tend toward helping people become more whole brained. What does Four Realms represent? ORMUS is a very time consuming and expensive process, do not be fooled it takes an enormous amount of work to produce a true Ormus Product.

Our ORMUS is the only Product that we Guarantee to assay as containing the important ascention elements. Our process is surveyed by top scientific minds working diligently to provide the only Real Ormus Powder. Theres an old say ing. If its too cheap, its probably a Cheap Product!! ORMUS offers a superior Calm Clarity during Prayer/Meditation/Relaxation.

ORMUS relaxes the overworked Immune systemfor complete systemic support. ORMUS replenishes and rejuvenates at the Molecular Level, offering a reversal of aging cells. ORMUS works Monatomically with the Heart, Solar Plexus and Alta Major Chakra. ORMUS has vibrational resonance for complete Earth Mind Balance.

In conclusion, this preliminary study shows clear evidence that there is a positive neurological impact, at least temporarily, through the administration of MONATOMIC GOLD. The indication is that it somehow provides an environment whereby the brain moves toward a state of homeostasis.

ORMUS : focusing on the HIGHER SELF. This is the most powerful way to proceed for those interested in the Mental Physiological Spiritual Physical manifestation we address on this site. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. This item is in the category "Health & Beauty\Vitamins & Lifestyle Supplements\Vitamins & Minerals". The seller is "fourrealms" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped worldwide.
Monatomic Gold 20g plus Monatomic Rose Gold 20g plus Monatomic Platinum Gold 20g