THE FOUR SEASONS Restaurant Ware THREE(3) FALL Butter Pat Dishes 4S. INC. NYC

THE FOUR SEASONS Restaurant Ware THREE(3) FALL Butter Pat Dishes 4S. INC. NYC
THE FOUR SEASONS Restaurant Ware THREE(3) FALL Butter Pat Dishes 4S. INC. NYC
THE FOUR SEASONS Restaurant Ware THREE(3) FALL Butter Pat Dishes 4S. INC. NYC
THE FOUR SEASONS Restaurant Ware THREE(3) FALL Butter Pat Dishes 4S. INC. NYC

THE FOUR SEASONS Restaurant Ware THREE(3) FALL Butter Pat Dishes 4S. INC. NYC

3 butter pat 4 dishes for the FALL SEASON. Thank you for your interest in my listed item.

By looking at my "store" you can see, I sell a variety of items. Please read further to see details on this item.

PLEASE READ LISTING FULLY & VIEW ALL POSTED IMAGES CLOSELY. D represent the condition of the item. I do my best to describe things accurately in the condition section and post clear pictures of item, however at times I might miss something. Please note like most of my items, they are used so please take that into consideration when thinking of purchasing. Since most of these items were not owned by me, I do not know their history - so for example I do not know if they came from a smoke and / or pet free environment.

If they are light enough, they will go First Class. On rare times I might use FEXEX or UPS. Please Note: Concerning packing material, I use mostly bubble wrap and some newspaper / packing paper and maybe an added piece of cardboard for protection of the many fragile items I sell.

However, some odd-shaped items can be difficult to package. Additionally, I do not use packing peanuts or air pillows. Dishes / Mugs, Cups (fragile, metal or plastic) / Glassware / Bowls / Platters, plates, or similar items. Please hand clean very thoroughly (unless it is noted it can also be put in a dishwasher) when received. Many of these items are heavy restaurant ware.

Outside bottom of item(s) might be discolored and / or show wear and there could be some old stickers residue. On any mugs that have travel lids, please test that lid work properly before using. Also mugs or other dishes might have gold trim.

Many items with gold trim or logos probably cannot go in the dishwasher or microwave. Mugs could also have "stir marks" on inside bottom. Also, since many items are older, they might show crazing and I do not know if they are dishwasher or microwave safe. Ceramic Display Steins / Glasses and Collectible Display Plates/ Mugs. Please hand clean thoroughly when received.

Like dishware they might have same type of wear, and many have gold like trim. These are just display items. Please wipe down clean or hand clean items when received.

Like dishes outside bottom of item might be discolored or show wear or old sticker residue. Metal / Plastic / Ceramic / Wood Made Items (Home Décor). Wipe down clean when received. These are mostly display items and are generally Home Décor items. This includes framed items like photos and paper printed or canvas art-work. Books, DVDs CDs, VHS, Vinyl LP records, Software, magazines, and other types of media. Many books / magazines are old / vintage and might have spotting, ripped dust jackets, inside dust jacket tape repairs, old sticker residue, hard boards that have some discoloring and spines/gutters that have wear. Some of the pages might have yellowing. Many books / LPs due to age might have a slight musty smell. With DVD's, CD's, audio cassettes, 8-Tracks and vinyl LP records, that are not new and sealed, they can sometimes have wear to the cases/ sleeves and discs / records could have visible surface marks and with DVDs it might not have all original paperwork that is usually opposite the disc in the case. With vinyl records I do not grade them in anyway and they will only be shown in photos. They could skip or not play properly. However, I would not try to sell a vinyl record if to me it looked overly worn or scratched.

All pre-owned tapes (cassette and 8-track) and vinyl audio items usually are not tested. With, DVDs please be aware of the ratings for each DVD movie since I tend to sell these in lots at times.

These items might or might not have a COA but will be noted in the listing if it does or not. Car / Automobile Parts or accessories. Item will have best description that can me found on the item. In many cases like a car radio, it most likely was not tested. It will be noted in listing if tested or not. Toys, Games, Bobble Heads, Figurines / Toy Cars / Building Kits/ Playing Cards / Replacement Pieces / Souvenirs Type of items / Collectibles.

Please note many toys and figurines / bobble heads / metal and plastic cars are just collectible display items and not toys, basically just for show. Many of these items have age ranges and many have warnings of small parts and choking hazard items with age range or minimum age listed. Also, on games, toys, puzzles, etc. That are still sealed, they still might be old, and many manufacturers included batteries, so these batteries will probably not be good anymore or not in very good shape. And while items might be still sealed the package could show some wear or grime.

Also, with toys that are figurines or items like cars, that might be loose (not in original packaging) they could have wear or a part that could be pulled off or become loose. Same with games / board games, puzzles that have small parts or pieces. Please check items when received.

Regarding plush stuffed animals / figurines, etc. Please see label for care instructions.

Additionally, many of these items since they are used might have surface marks and missing a part or have a loose part(s) that I might have missed in the original listing. Items like old newspapers, post cards, greeting cards, brochures. Cards might be in original boxes or in lots. Please check item(s) before using.

Many items will have wood handles that might also show wear, stains and might need replacement. Metal parts might show rust and wear. Items are to be used as they are intended and made for.

Items for use around home like New and Sealed Vacuum Cleaner Bags. I sell these items almost always as new and sealed condition. This also includes items like wall paper. Clothes / Hats / Shoes / Buttons & Pins / Personal Accessories. Please wash clothes or dry clean when received and follow care instructions.

Please ask for added size information before purchasing if unsure. With Button and Pins please be aware since they usually are made of metal and old, that the button and pin which is pointy might be rusty.

Golf Clubs / Tennis Rackets / Baseball - Softball Gloves and Bats and other sports related items. Most gloves that I sell are older and since they are used from playing, be advised the lacing in the glove, especially the web area might need re-lacing in the future. Bats will usually have surface marks from past use and could use new grips. Also being older and used tennis rackets could have been re-strung.

Bats, Golf Clubs, Gloves, tennis rackets, etc. Please examine Bats, Golf Clubs, Tennis Rackets, Baseball Gloves, etc. Also wood bats can break and / or crack from use, so they are not returnable.

Electronics like Radios, Clocks, Calculators, Remotes, Stereo Equipment and Camera related items. Sometimes items are un-tested (but remotes I usually test). In that case they are for repairs or parts if noted. I appreciate positive Feed Back. Please add me to your favorite sellers list!

Thank you for your interest in my item. This item is in the category "Pottery & Glass\Decorative Cookware, Dinnerware & Serveware\Plates". The seller is "buyfromjesse" and is located in this country: US.

This item can be shipped to United States, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Wallis and Futuna, Gambia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Poland, Oman, Suriname, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Argentina, Guinea-Bissau, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Bhutan, Senegal, Togo, Ireland, Qatar, Burundi, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Equatorial Guinea, Thailand, Aruba, Sweden, Iceland, Macedonia, Belgium, Israel, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Benin, Algeria, Antigua and Barbuda, Italy, Swaziland, Tanzania, Pakistan, Burkina Faso, Panama, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Switzerland, Djibouti, Chile, China, Mali, Botswana, Republic of Croatia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Portugal, Malta, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Cayman Islands, Paraguay, Saint Helena, Cyprus, Seychelles, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Australia, Austria, Sri Lanka, Gabon Republic, Zimbabwe, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Norway, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Kiribati, Turkmenistan, Grenada, Greece, Haiti, Greenland, Yemen, Afghanistan, Montenegro, Mongolia, Nepal, Bahamas, Bahrain, United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Angola, Western Samoa, France, Mozambique, Namibia, Peru, Denmark, Guatemala, Solomon Islands, Vatican City State, Sierra Leone, Nauru, Anguilla, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Cameroon, Guyana, Azerbaijan Republic, Macau, Georgia, Tonga, San Marino, Eritrea, Saint Kitts-Nevis, Morocco, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Mauritania, Belize, Philippines, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Colombia, Spain, Estonia, Bermuda, Montserrat, Zambia, South Korea, Vanuatu, Ecuador, Albania, Ethiopia, Monaco, Niger, Laos, Ghana, Cape Verde Islands, Moldova, Madagascar, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Lebanon, Liberia, Bolivia, Maldives, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Central African Republic, Lesotho, Nigeria, Mauritius, Saint Lucia, Jordan, Guinea, Canada, Turks and Caicos Islands, Chad, Andorra, Romania, Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Lithuania, Trinidad and Tobago, Malawi, Nicaragua, Finland, Tunisia, Luxembourg, Uganda, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Egypt, Latvia, Jamaica, South Africa, Brunei Darussalam, Honduras.

THE FOUR SEASONS Restaurant Ware THREE(3) FALL Butter Pat Dishes 4S. INC. NYC